Meetup Suite is a site where more than 27 million members gather around thousands of cities over a variety of interests. As Administrators and/or members, there is a wide variety of information around more than 250000 groups and all the events they host. Meetup Suite enhances your WordPress blog and content with widgets and features created to leverage the Meetup API. As the creator of this plugin, i'm not only a developer but also the main organizer for a successful Meetup Group with over 1800+ members and co-organizer for other meetup groups.

Spotify Albums

Spotify Albums is just a simple plugin written as a working tutorial example. It leverages the Spotify API and extracts the album information including cover art and track listings.

Upcoming Projects

Most projects we tackle are usually of necessity. A WordPress Plugin that is required, a mobile app or website that is used for another project. Here are some of the upcoming projects that we have in our backlog.

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