WebSphere Application already exists in the configuration repository

There are times when working with WebSphere Application Server and your application is stuck in limbo, where you can’t install or uninstall it. If you try to look at the installedApps in the profile directory it might not even be there so everything becomes confusing since the application still shows up in the list of applications.

This may have occurred during an install/uninstall of the application and being interrupted by server reboots, or possibly another administrator may have logged off your session midway and potentially corrupted the application in question.

If this does happen, and you get the following error, please look below at the steps to manually fix the issue.

1. Check the following locations to see if the app directories exist:

Remove any of the directories you see, where “PA_myApp” is your application name.

2. If in a cluster, check the DMGR as well in the same locations.

3. Clear the contents of the profile/wstemp directory (and on the DMGR as well if in a cluster).

4. Restart the Portal Server (and DMGR if clustered) and reattempt the deployment.

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